About Us

"Agro Group" Ltd. since 2011 and our mission is to popularize healthy lifestyles that imply adequate nutrition, and a healthy attitude towards body and spirit, as well as to nature. 

"Agro Group" Ltd. the production - a trading company which is successfully engaged in the program of healthy food. Within our company operates a chain of health food shop called "Bonella".
The slogan of our company, "Bonella, the nature of the whole table", suggests a fundamental principle by which we operate: to offer a healthy and biologically valuable food containing elemental qualities of nature into products adapted to the modern man. As a curiosity, and also an indicator of performance, can serve the fact that the word "Bonella" has become synonymous with healthy foods and even some other health food stores in the jargon as "Bonella" and some of his own name added to our brand.
In our stores, "Bonella" strive to be the best food choices healthy food, excellent hygiene and dealers who can answer your questions. Thanks to you who shows us the confidence shopping to us, but to you that you'll only do we expand our mission and raise the standards when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Our wish is that the care and attention that we dedicates a healthy lifestyle are an inspiration - for all those who are in good health to the health and maintain a hope and motivation for those who are suffering, regardless of the cause of the disease and the current state of the organism.
In order to fully achieve our goal, "Agro Group" Ltd. in the marketing chain, "Bonella" develops its activities and works tirelessly in the field of education to as many people closer to the idea and explained the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This shows the this site that is dedicated to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.
We invite you to further browse our website and learn more about us and our offers. 

Your health is our concern!

With love, 

Your Bonella